Marches in Abyss

This is a 5e DnD campaign run in a west marches style. Much of the inspiration for the campaign setting is taken from the manga/anime Made in Abyss by Akihito Tsukushi.

Adventurers called Delvers explore ever deeper into the cursed abyss in order to retrieve the relics contained within. Some delve for fame, others fortune, and a rare few delve to discover the mysteries of the Abyss’ deepest depths.

The campaign world has the same setting and rules as that in the source material, but a different history and different characters. It’s basically a parallel universe to the one in the show.

If you’re playing its suggested you watch at least the first three episodes if you can, it gives you a good idea of the world to get started, also it’s awesome.

After that, head over to the wiki and learn more about the campaign specific setting!